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Tera Melos – Drugs to the Dear Youth

Tera Melos – Drugs to the Dear Youth

6 songs, 20 minutes long

Math Rock is a genre that can be very hit or miss for me but occasionally I come across a band that blows my mind and Tera Melos is one of those bands. Coming from California, Tera Melos is a complex and spastic post-rock and math rock group. Drugs to the Dear Youth is easily my favorite album from them. Their older stuff has a much heavier and post-hardcore influenced sound, but Drugs to the Dear Youth is much more melodic and influenced by post-rock. Don’t get me wrong though, this album contains some very heavy distorted guitar moments matched by spastic drums, though it is parallel with jazz-like guitar lines  and ambient electronics. Completely instrumental, Tera Melos has managed to create a short, but satisfying album that I feel stands above most other math rock.

Drugs to the Dear Youth at Amazon



The Besnard Lakes – The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night

The Besnard Lakes – The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night

10 songs, 46.6 minutes long

The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night is the The Besnard Lakes’ sophomore LP, and it’s an interesting one. A blend of mid-seventies psychedelic progressive rock and mid-nineties shoegaze, the album puts forth a sound like no other. Filling a similar modern niche as Tame Impala, The Besnard Lakes continue the legacy of the old guard of psychedelic progressive rock bands that were so prevalent 30 years ago without treading old ground. While being something completely new, they are derivative enough that they aren’t something I’d be afraid to play in front of my electronic-phobic father. The female vocals that show up on a couple tracks add a nice touch, and the album is just the right length. I suspect that The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night is going to be in heavy rotation on my system for quite some time.

The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night is available IN VINYL on Amazon.

It’s also on CD if you don’t like vinyl.


Black Moth Super Rainbow – Eating Us

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Eating Us

12 songs, 35.8 minutes long

Black Moth Super Rainbow’s most recent effort, Eating Us is, in my opinion, their strongest yet. As soon as the soft vocoded voice begins to sing on the first track, Born on a Day the Sun Didn’t Rise, you’re hooked, and you know you’re in for a weird ride. Despite the vocals being distorted, phrases are audible from time to time, and they’re catchy enough to get stuck in your head but complicated and psychedelic enough to be interesting to listen to over and over, and not just to get the song out of your head. The synthesizers all sound fat and analog; there’s no glitch sound to be found here. Eating Us is a soft album comprised of one good sound after another, with the vocoded vocals adding to the weird elusiveness of the frontman, an artist known only as “Tobacco.” BMSR is one of those groups that isn’t doing anything entirely experimental; the album is not noisy and is structured in a traditional way. Even my parents commented that although weird, they didn’t mind it when I put Eating Us on in the car. That being said, BMSR does what they do very well, and the album is excellent from start to finish.

Eating Us can be found on Amazon.


The Flashbulb – Arboreal

The  Flashbulb – Arboreal

17 songs, 59.1 minutes long

Arboreal is the latest release from IDM/breakcore artist The Flashbulb. The Flashbulb is Benn Jordan, and he’s outdone himself with Arboreal. I liked his previous efforts, but Arboreal is on a new level. The beats are complex IDM rhythms, layered with spacey synths and Jordan’s own guitar playing. The songs are distinct and short, with nothing over six and a half minutes long, but they run together into a single beautiful compilation. The transitions are so smooth that one moment Jordan does something that sounds almost like drum and bass, and the next moment it sounds like post-rock, without a jar or a break in between. With few lyrics, Arboreal is a mostly instrumental triumph.

Amazon only has Arboreal as an MP3 download, so for those of you who care, you can get it in FLAC on The Flashbulb’s Bandcamp.