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Silkworm – Firewater

Silkworm – Firewater

16 songs, 59 minutes long

Silkworm was an indie rock group signed to either Matador or Touch & Go Records from 1987 to 2005. This review would be hard to do with out comparing this band to Pavement. They were around in a similar scene during the same time period and it is hard to miss the similarities, but Silkworm is an amazing band that stands out in a sea of crappy 90 rock groups and deserves just as much attention as Pavement. Firewater came out in 1996 and is my favorite of the large Silkworm catalog. Firewater has the basic lo-fi 90’s indie rock aesthetic, but it also has some of the best musicianship of any group from that era. In between all the lo-fi noise emerges blistering guitar riffs, amazing long solos, and catchy yet meaningful lyrics. To me an album like this is rock at its finest and every time I listen to it I only wish i was old enough when this band and scene was active to have gotten in to it.

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The xx – xx

The xx – xx

11 songs, 38.6 minutes

Released last year, The xx’s debut album, xx is a solid piece of work, and definitely puts The xx on the list of current bands to watch. They’ve been getting a bit of hype so I feel a little late on the bandwagon, but they’re worth mentioning regardless. Their sound is simple, and I’m not a big fan of the post-punk scene per-say but the album is full of good sounds, and with the help of delay, reverb, layered guitars, two vocalists, and excellent breakbeats provided by their “drummer,” who is actually a member with a drum machine, they’ve worked together a catchy and unique sound. The album contains a few radio-friendly songs but overall it flows very well and has a unified feel. xx is a great album.

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