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Experimental Dental School – Forest Field

Experimental Dental School – Forest Field

10 songs, 28 minutes long

Experimental Dental School is a 2 piece group  from Portland and their latest LP, Forest Field, has been released for free download, and it is a fantastic album. Experimental Dental School is a raw, noisy, catchy, and original band. Forest Field starts out raw and lo-fi. Distorted guitars and fast drums take over; very reminiscent of punk and early indie rock, but then the vocals come, which are catchy and dare i say pop-esque. The whole album is very diverse, from synth heavy songs with super catchy lyrics, to raw guitar driven songs that blur in to a big heap of noise.  This is one of the noisiest, yet most listen-able albums i have come across in a long time, and its highly recommended

Download Forest Field