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Dark Dark Dark – The Snow Magic

Dark Dark Dark – The Snow Magic

13 songs, 49 minutes long

Dark Dark Dark is a 4 piece folk/New Weird America group from Minnesota, and in 2008 they released their first album, The Snow Magic. The group has been called hobo revival, and as one listens to the album that label makes sense. The songs conjure images of people down on their luck sitting around a trash can fire and a can of beans singing their worries away. All the instruments are acoustic and are the usual folk instruments, accordions, mandolins, banjos, cellos, and double basses. Mixed with the female vocals, Dark Dark Dark has created a hauntingly hopeful album. The singer’s voice is hypnotizing, singing about hope, love, whiskey, despair, and other similar themes. The album does have some gypsy overtones, mainly because of the accordion, but it is a great blend of folk, New Weird America, and gypsy.

Check this album out if your looking for something new, something different. Its a refreshing break from electronic or rock music.

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