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Tera Melos – Drugs to the Dear Youth

Tera Melos – Drugs to the Dear Youth

6 songs, 20 minutes long

Math Rock is a genre that can be very hit or miss for me but occasionally I come across a band that blows my mind and Tera Melos is one of those bands. Coming from California, Tera Melos is a complex and spastic post-rock and math rock group. Drugs to the Dear Youth is easily my favorite album from them. Their older stuff has a much heavier and post-hardcore influenced sound, but Drugs to the Dear Youth is much more melodic and influenced by post-rock. Don’t get me wrong though, this album contains some very heavy distorted guitar moments matched by spastic drums, though it is parallel with jazz-like guitar lines  and ambient electronics. Completely instrumental, Tera Melos has managed to create a short, but satisfying album that I feel stands above most other math rock.

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Maps & Atlases – Perch Patchwork

Maps & Atlases – Perch Patchwork

12 songs, 36 minutes long

After two amazing, albeit short, EP’s,  the math rock band Maps & Atlases finally released their first full length album on June 29th 2010. Perch Patchwork is exactly what I had hoped to see from this band. Its full of awesome guitar lines, weird time signatures, and catchy vocals. The guitar is fast and interesting, but not powerful and overtaking,  and the drums seem spastic and random at first, but quickly  the listener comes to appreciate the odd beat that is pretty standard with math rock. The album, similar to their EP’s, has a very folk like sound, mainly in the vocals, though the folk vocals mix perfectly with the standard math rock guitar and drums. This album is one of the best math rock albums I have ever listened to. Its engaging and easy to listen to, but remains complex.  Quickly it has become one of my favorite releases from any band so far this year.

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