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MillionYoung – Sunndreamm EP

MillionYoungSunndreamm EP

5 songs, 18.3 minutes

MillionYoung is one of those artists who hasn’t put out much material yet, and I for one am itching for his first full-length release. Sunndreamm is some of the best chillwave I’ve heard, taking the genre and adding the feeling of the hot Miami nights that artist Mike Diaz knows well. To say the album is “beachy” would be an understatement, as the distant vocals layered over soft synths conjure images of beaches and blue skies on every listen. This is quintessential summer music. The album is upbeat, but not particularly fast beats, great for lounging around when the living is easy. The only real downside to Sunndreamm is its length; as an EP, it’s short, and will leave you dying for more material.

Sunndreamm EP is available for free download at MillionYoung’s website.