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The Flashbulb – Arboreal

The  Flashbulb – Arboreal

17 songs, 59.1 minutes long

Arboreal is the latest release from IDM/breakcore artist The Flashbulb. The Flashbulb is Benn Jordan, and he’s outdone himself with Arboreal. I liked his previous efforts, but Arboreal is on a new level. The beats are complex IDM rhythms, layered with spacey synths and Jordan’s own guitar playing. The songs are distinct and short, with nothing over six and a half minutes long, but they run together into a single beautiful compilation. The transitions are so smooth that one moment Jordan does something that sounds almost like drum and bass, and the next moment it sounds like post-rock, without a jar or a break in between. With few lyrics, Arboreal is a mostly instrumental triumph.

Amazon only has Arboreal as an MP3 download, so for those of you who care, you can get it in FLAC on The Flashbulb’s Bandcamp.