Cloudkicker – ]]][[[

Cloudkicker – ]]][[[

3 songs, 15 minutes long

I have never been a fan of metal. I respect it completely as a genre, but its just not one that has ever appealed to me, at least until i found Cloudkicker. Cloudkicker is a one man project by B.M. Sharp, which is recorded completely at home using drum machines and custom tuned guitars. His entire discography, which includes 3 EP’s and a full length LP, is available entirely for free download. My favorite of these is the EP’s is ]]][[[, though all of them are worth listening to. This is metal that I feel appeals to metal and nonmetal fans alike. Its very melodic and complex, with easy to listen to atmospheric guitar riffs, heavy distorted breakdowns, and best of all, completely instrumental (sorry metal fans, I just can’t do screaming rough vocals). It’s short, but the perfect length for a metal album such as this. The listener never gets worn out, you can have 15 minutes of headbanging metal without ever getting a headache, and enjoy every minute of it. Since the albums are free, you really don’t have a good excuse to not check this out. It may be something new and it may even turn you on to checking out more metal.

Download ]]][[[ and all other Cloudkicker albums for free


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