Lullatone – Songs That Spin in Circles

Lullatone – Songs That Spin in Circles

10 songs, 38 minutes long

Lullatone is a husband and wife  group from Nagoya, Japan, and their latest effort, Songs That Spin in Circles, is a beautiful and soothing ambient album. The group refers to their music as “Pajama Pop” because of the lullaby-esque sound that encompasses their music and thus makes this a perfect bedtime album. The songs are diverse and complex while remaining minimal and ambient. The album contains everything from basic keyboards, to guitars, to glockenspiels combined in a beautiful ambient harmony that will conjure nothing but good emotions and a tranquil state.  One of my favorite aspects of this album is the female vocals. The vocals are sparse and come in a mix of Japanese and English, but it is an amazing voice that only adds to the relaxing feel of the album and the overall lullaby feel.

This album is perfect for anyone looking for something beautiful and peaceful to listen to while trying to slip away in to sleep, or for anyone looking for non-invasive, beautiful background music.

Songs That Spin in Circles at Amazon


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